Winter Snow Wild Lake Road Yaji

Lure newcomer reported the first road sub-harvest: 5, minimum 2 pounds 2 two, the maximum 3 kg 4 two, the total weight: 13.3 kg

Time, Weather: December 21 afternoon 4 : 45-20: 10, low temperature minus 1-7 degrees, some waters icing.

Objectively speaking, under certain conditions, Lu Asia will be possible to gradually become a mainstream fishing of fresh water fishing. Fruit is sour is sweet, and only the taste can be conclusively. After an never had already thought, I always wanted to practice.

After lunch, it is a little time. It was originally likewarded that \”Qilu Luo Ya’s first person\” is advised, but unfortunately, after the tour, he learned that the Jianghu Road passenger is located in Laiwu, Shandong. Snow Wild Lake Road Asia, this is both a large lake and a large reservoir is 90 kilometers from Jinan. Ranger suggested that I first went to Jinan Wulongtan Park to find a net water to practice Minno. Experienced Ranger is very grasped: This lesson two hours, then we went to Snow to see the rivers and lakes, together with Lure.

I have gone with the Ranger to meet the fishery, has been 14 years. We met to Wulongtan, Ranger seriously taught me how to control Mino’s poisoning and techniques. Two hours later, the Jianghu Road passengers came to call: immediately went to Snow wild to practice while the road.

When we arrived in Snow, we were 4:20 pm, and the equipment was simple. After a quarter, he fought. There are two high-quality guidance of the rivers and lakes and rosers. After watching a few poles, they say that your nautical scout is great, you can throw 40 meters away, winter big waterfish is deep in the distance, throwing away A prerequisites, pay attention to controlling the poor swimming landscape, you can now fight independence.

Finally, the rod of the upper fish, when shaking the handle, suddenly felt that there were \”咚咚\” two slight trends in the hands, and they immediately took the lever, and immediately had a heavy force to pass. In the hands, competing with me; the rod rocking wheel, the detached road Audu suddenly bent into a big bow – finally, there is a lot of two pounds in the first two pounds. Put out the phone, let the Ranger help me take pictures, and read the time on the phone: 17:12.

Jianghu Road passengers I heard that I have a congratulatory enthusiasm.

The night is completely coming. In this three hours, I will pass four knots, one of them more than three pounds. This is really a day, and I will give the Sianda.

This time, the first time, it feels very easy, more than four hours of road sub-process, although walk back and forth in the steep shore, but also climbed up on the high and low land slope. And constantly throw the rod, shake the wheel, and press the 子 to control Minnu, but did not feel fatigue. Although the temperature in winter night is very low, it is reduced to zero 5 degrees, and the wire ring is all the ice, because it is not in sports, it does not feel how cold. Through this practice, I really feel that Lure doesn’t need to spend a lot of physical strength. Luren is still technically, the key is to \”smart\”. As a road as a road, there is a huge gap compared to the master. You can learn from the catch of the photo (I have 19 people with the Ranger, remove the 5 of our road, the rest of 14 First Ranger’s Road). To see your gap, you can ask the masters of the rivers and lakes and Ranger and so on, there are still many homes to do, this requires serious learning, slowly understand, constantly practice.

After home, wipe the good 竿, but suppress can’t be happy, post it, let everyone share this joy with me.

The equipment used: Ruiyuan Gladiator 2.1 Min Luya, M Tune, Dijia 10 axis 2500 Spinner wheel, No. 2 Niki Fishing line, Minino used VIB and 60, I will VIB, after hooking, replace it into 60, feel 60 very easy, and do not hang, poor swimming, easy to control, more convenient for fishing.

Winter Snow Wild Lake Road Yaji Winter Snow Wild Lake Road Yaji Winter Snow Wild Lake Road Yaji Winter Snow Wild Lake Road Yaji

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