Lure squid and ink fish – bait

The bait wood fishing method is mainly for the fishing law of the two headfoot animals of squid and ink fish. Of course, the luck of the wood shrimp will have a hinder attack. Hainan is clear, it is very suitable for the growth of squid and ink fish, and the bait wood fishing is not high in Hainan, so there is a good choice to play bait in Hainan.

Equipment Suggestions: 8-foot squid +2000 type spinning car + 0.6-0.8 PE + 3-5 carbon preamble

Wood shrimp recommended 2.5-4.5 Based on fishing ground depth and water flow choose.

1. Troll

First introduce the most common, and most convenient way to introduce the entrance. As the name suggests, the trap law is to throw the wood shrimp, roll back in normal speed, this fishing method is in terms of geographical. Depth, water flow, and reel speed of the rollback speed. This method is on the roll back, the back of the wood shrimp is almost parallel to the water. If the reel is stopped back, the head of the wood shrimp will start, so the rollback speed is taken, it is very important, Because the roll is too fast, the wooden shrimp will float in the water, and the roll is too slow, the wood shrimp is easy to hang, so it is very important to familiarize the ground. The skill of this method is the depth of the location, and the speed of the roll line. Such a fishing method, the squid will wait for the wood shrimp, wait until the squid will rush to the wooden shrimp, hug the wooden shrimp butt, because the curl is not rolled, so in the middle fish At that time, there would be a feeling of hanging, then the squid was struggling.

Disadvantages, the squid caught in this kind of fishing method is much less than a pound, and the opportunity to catch ink fish and big squid is not large. In addition, if you can’t catch a large squid or Troubles are more likely to be easily removed, because on the roll of wood shrimp, the squid is usually used to hold wood shrimp, and it is easy to make a break or desit while roll back, especially at the shore, squid spray When the water, it is likely to be escapped by it. I often see this situation, so I should pay attention to these points. It is best to bring my net, and it is very easy to use.

2, jump

Saying is different from other fishing laws, the most important is the skill of jump to play the bait fishing, and there is a wonderful work with the flying bait, but because of the wood shrimp throw The distance is far, so it is not easy to control, especially the geographical shape must be cooked, otherwise the wood shrimp is very easy to hang.

As the fishing is a fishing method specially developed specifically for squid habits, it is very effective. It can be said to be killing stunt. The following is discussed with each other. First, it is still throwing wood shrimp. After the wood shrimp is positioned, it must be determined according to the ground to determine the depth. When the wood shrimp is about to sink, the empty line is rolled (not too tight, this is good) and then Yang At this time, the wood shrimp will be jumped in the water (this action is particularly attracting the attention of squid.) When you want to travel back. But remember cannot be rolled up, it is necessary to keep a little airline. When the wood shrimp will be sinked to the bottom, then rusty … then, this is the way to circulate, until the wooden shrimp rolls to the shore.

Because the squid is usually maintained in the water, it will drift with the tide, while the habit of the squid is to stay in the place of 1-2 feet from the bottom. Once the small fish prawn, he will Rush to attack, (therefore there are often many fishing friends to say as much as possible, that is, this is this. And we will relax the line of wood shrimp. Wood shrimp will subtract down at the bottom of 45 degrees, this angle is completely ocean with true wooden shrimp, so it is very attractive, and when we are Yang, the wood shrimp will suddenly jump, this is When I was scared when I was scared, I thought that when the squid encountered the shrimp of the frightened, I would have to hurry, and I will hold a complete hug and bite the wood shrimp. Also bite very deep, this is not easy to run away by it, so it is said that the fishing is the squid must kill.

Take a note of fishing fields when fishing, which affects your tongue, I usually fisten in a very familiar location, and I will also go to dive. The shadow of the type, this foreign country will have a good effect. It is important to pay attention to, be sure to let the wooden shrimp will sink to the bottom, otherwise, because of this, because of this, the fishing is easy to hang, so the consumption of the wood shrimp is also large, and there is not much Rough line. Generally suitable for 3-5, too thick line affects the flexibility of the wood shrimp and the angle of eating water, so the novice must be prepared in the heart when studying and jump, and the wooden shrimp is normal.

Lure squid and ink fish - bait

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