Type and use skills of Lu sub-bait

The bait used in the road subquerice is called the bait, and the English name of Lure is Lure, Lu Asia is a voice-translated title. Lure fishing is divided into two kinds of bait and flying bait. The main material of the flying bait is a material such as plastic, rubber and silica gel. By machining into a variety of aquatic animals, through Lure fishing rod The technique is to make them simulate the dynamics of natural organisms, induce the fishing bait to launch an attack. Today, the author will introduce several commonly used bait in the bait, hoping to help everyone. Another kind of hard bait has been introduced in the \”Ruya Type Type of Luya Fishing\”, interested friends can refer to it.

Type and use skills of Lu sub-bait

When the flies are selected in Lu sub-fishing, the choice is to choose from different times, different weather, different air pressure, fish, and the color of water, etc. For example, when the activity of fishing or fish or fish in the evening, you can choose the color obvious lure, which makes the fish discovery and stimulate the fish to attack the bait. There are many forms of different forms in the flying bait family, which puts the underlying biological imitated bait, so that our choice has a lot, and targeted will be stronger.

Since the bait is not so much such as a swimming layer setting, such as a hydratric bait, and the appearance set. The type of soft bait can be simple or cumbersome. Therefore, the scope of the application of the bait is more extensive for other types. It will be diversified in the fishing team. It is mainly to watch the preferences of fishing friends and the factors such as water, weather, time, fish species. control. The thrust for beginners can quickly get started, and it is also possible to repeatedly explore and play with a master.

The characteristics of the flying bait in Lu sub-fishing method:

1 Type, as a basic type of a bait. There is a spiral tail with a single tail type bait, which can be agitated in the water in use. Swimming versus of single-tail-type flying bait is very slow and there is no weight, so it is necessary to use a tie hook during the application.

2, double tail mock-type soft bait

Type and use skills of Lu sub-bait double tail mock-type flying bait is actually a spiral-shaped soft bait plus a spiral Tail, it mainly imitates the object is two hind legs of frogs, which will be smart, so don’t pay special weights.

3, insects-type bait

insect type flying bait mainly imitates the small buffer in the bottom of the water, when weighing, don’t Overweight, but if the water flow is too fast, it can be aggravated.

Type and use skills of Lu sub-bait 4, bio-type bait

bio-type fainry is a bait made of biological shapes that can be preyed by water fish.

For the flying bait of Luan Asia, I will temporarily introduce here today. I recommend \”Dezhou Fishing Group in Winter Road Asian bass advantage\”, interested Friends who have been in the Lureda fishing group can learn from it, I wish you all a lot of fishing when playing Lu Asia! Type and use skills of Lu sub-bait

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