Fishing friends share the experience of Luya black fish for everyone

In recent years, more and more Lu Asian enthusiasts like to hunt, but the reason is just to pursue and stimulate the black fish. Black fish, fierce, is a strong in fresh water, so fishing black fish is a very exciting thing. Today, the author share some experience about Lu Asian hunting, hoping to give some inspirators.

Fishing friends share the experience of Luya black fish for everyone

First, it is said that its living habits, black fish is generally living in an environment with a more turbid, or there is A lot of water growing in the water. It can be said that the black fish is a strong in fish. Whenever there is a small fish, you are swimming around it, it will always start attacking fish shrimp. According to the information, the black fish around a pound can swallow the two of the two grass fish or squid.

However, black fish prey is a certain regional range, and the black fish living in a certain waters is usually the same group, and there are very few black fish. Under normal circumstances, the author is going out of the wild fishing road asian hunting, it is the first few tail fish, and then in the season of a few tail, and in the season of black fish, there is often this phenomenon.

Fishing friends share the experience of Luya black fish for everyone

strong vitality, is also a major habitual characteristic of black fish. In the cool place, even if it is not water, black fish can survive for two weeks or more. This is because general fish can only inhale oxygen dissolved in water, while black fish can directly absorb oxygen in the air, because of this special habit, it can still survive in the seasons of long dry rain.

Second, the basic equipment

Blackfish likes to live in a place where there is a small fish, and the general obstacle is more, it can also hide yourself, such as It is said with water grass, dry trees, rhombats, and other aquatic plants. However, for the fishing friends, this place is some of the head pain, too much obstacle, easy to run fish. In order to ensure the midfish, you can pull the fish, the author recommends that everyone will use heavy equipment during black.

Due to the special habits of black fish themselves, some manufacturers have developed a fishing rod specifically used to fish fish. This kind of fishing rod is called a thunder rod, this The adjustment of the fishing rod is basically h to modulate. The fishing rod used by black fish, I suggested that you will choose the powerful hard road of the waist. Remove the fishing rod, in order to ensure the quick collection of fish, the winding wheel must have a large braking force, and the tension of the fishing line must be strong enough, the author is used to use the 6-compartment or 8-ed-line PE line, most commonly used or The PE braid line of 100 pounds 8 is 8. Fishing friends share the experience of Luya black fish for everyone Third, the choice and modification of the thunder frog

Black fish often chasing frogs, many fishing friends directly use the bait thunder frog. The thunder frog is a kind of bait, which is mainly processed by the soft rubber, and has lead in the body. There are 14-20 grams of thunder frogs, also have a heavy trice frog for 30 grams. The heavy thunder frog can be thrown away, but also overcome too much obstacle, the bait is not in the water.

A lot of fishing friends habitually select colorful thunder frogs, they always feel that this is more attractive to black fish. But the author doesn’t think so, after all, the fish is color blindness, only to see black and white two colors, as long as it is equipped with the river lake water environment, it is, the color of the bait is bright, but it is more easily discovered.

After buying back the new thunder frog, you can’t use it directly. Let’s get the thunder frog first, then add it on the hook handle, and lead to add Lead or fuse, then put the thunder frog in the water to observe the angle, feel the appropriate frog gum. This is because the new thunder bought back must ensure that the frog head is 50-90 degrees in the water, and we must do it first. Finally, when the stunned small hole on the thunder frog, when the black fish bite the thunder frog, the thunder can quickly discharge the gas quickly, and let the fishing hook hook the fish’s mouth.

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