Lureji, must keep in mind the following points!

Lure’s first target fish is a nail, and even the fishing law of Lu Asia is designed for the preparation fish of the warpone, so, play Lure is not fishing, just like a handstand Didn’t catch squid.

If you want to fish with the road, you have to say how hard it is, but you want to catch your mouth, it is not easy, the reason is that the fiscal mouth, It is a need for skill.

Fishing, to pay attention to the day, it is the right fishing time, secondly, choose the right punctuation, and the most important point, it is necessary to choose a combined fishing rod.

Lureji, must keep in mind the following points! First, the season is different, the time period of the tunnel mouth is different

As long as the water is not sealed, it can catch the four seasons. The mouth, the spring is the pendulum seed period, and the seeding is very strong, and the desire to attack the food is very strong, and the whole day can fish all day.

In the afternoon of the fall, the traces of the knife can be observed by the meat, even in winter, in the afternoon, in the deeper water layer, the knife will not give up predation.

In different seasons, fishing in the corresponding time period, the fish will be better, and the catch will naturally be poor. In contrast, in the case of the inappropriate time, fish can only be exercised. .

Second, the appropriate punctuation

Lureji, must keep in mind the following points! Road Asia’s punctuation is very important, because different target fish will search for punctuation in different regions It is the basic skill of Lu Asia.

Louisa’s punctuation, generally chooses to be on the fish, or the area of \u200b\u200bfish, most cases, by observing the terrain, to choose the appropriate punctuation.

In the lake, the reservoir, the river fishing, the pier, the wooden pile, the bank, and the water, the waters are all in the area. If there is a large grass, the grass in the grass in the lake, the Mingshui area in the grass, It is a very good punctuation.

Third, the right road rod

Lure’s fishing team mainly relying on throwing, that is, the technical method, but the requirements for fishing rods are also very High, because everyone’s individual cases are different, the height, weight, arm long, etc. are different.

So, when choosing the road yarn, it is not recommended to be clouds, but personally go to hand, after hungup, try to throw the throttle, try to do like the arm. Lureji, must keep in mind the following points!

As for the length of Lurewa, from 1.8 meters to 2.4 meters, you can try it, you can choose to operate the most comfortable.

The above three points are Lure fishing, the most basic skill, choose a road rope, such as the arm, choose the right time to fish in different seasons, find The area where the knife is not allowed, maybe the link is a bit difficult, but I want to have a fishing, I really don’t have a problem.

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