On the importance of road subtle bait!

Playing Lure’s friends know that fake bait is importance in Lu Asian equipment, a good fake bait may make you increase the bait bite rate and ample fish rate. Especially the fishing friends want to improve the search efficiency of Lure, then it is necessary to learn to play the hard bait, otherwise it will miss a lot of fish.

On the importance of road subtle bait! Due to many kinds of hard baits, such as Minoke, sequins, sink pencils, VIBs, rolls, etc. are different, as well as different shapes. bait. But today Xiaobian is detailed to explain some of the hardit Meno’s use, and the fishing friends will come and see!

Minnow, English name, is one of the road sub-bait in the road sub-use range, mainly the upper fish, is a more common in the market. Fake bait. Minnu is also very good to distinguish it, it has an obvious feature of the often tongue. The fishing friends don’t think that the Minnoes is difficult. In fact, it is relatively simple in Lure, and the new hand is also available soon. On the importance of road subtle bait!

When you are thrown, it will take a good effect when it is low, and the tip points will be a good effect. If you have the basic operational techniques, you can add some pick-up speeds, the effect is better, but the technique is not too exaggerated.

When recovered at a constant speed, each of the lines can make the rhetoric to gently smoke, slightly accelerate, the purpose is to imitate the small fish halt This triggered the attack of big fish to bite the bait. It can also be tied to the left, and then slightly smoked it, so repeated, so that the road in the water \”is\” the shape forward \”, it is more likely to attract the attention of the fish, thus quickly let the fish chase Eating hook!

Ok, this issue introduces the use of hard and the use of the hardenure, Lure is constantly practicing. Of course, fishing friends can try different hard bait, so I can know what object fish What kind of bait is more suitable, and the fish is more. On the importance of road subtle bait!

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