A few use skills of the road subquit!

There are many types of bait, and I don’t say it first. This makes a lot of road sub-fishing friends very confused, very entangled, I don’t know where to start. Understand the fundamental, the use of feeding is no longer difficult, and the use of the bait is basically the following five points.

A few use skills of the road subquit! First, the size of the bait use principle: the small fish is used, the big fish is used. Is this not difficult to understand? Small individual fish will use a small bait, and the vice versail bait is used. Fish active is high, and the active is low. These are all a degree of problem, just see how you hold it. There is no absolute, for example, the fish will attack the bait than his own premises in the case of childhood. From the big walk, find that point for the fish opening.

Second, the speed of the road bait: the faster speed, high efficiency, the search area is relatively large; the slower speed, the efficiency is low. So when will we so slow? When the fish is active, we will be fast, and the fish is slow. From quick walk, find that the speed of the fish is willing to open is the best use speed of the bait.

A few use skills of the road subquit!

Third, the longitudinal and horizontal usage principles of the bait are a directional problem of the roads. The portrait is vertically in a direction in the surface, meaning from the water surface to the water surface or from the water surface to the bottom of the water. Landscape, parallel to a direction in the water. The horizontal and longitudinal searches of the feeding are throughout the water. Radial search, suitable for large-scale search, fast find fish, find punctuation. Vertical direction, determine a certain point with fish.

A few use skills of the road subquit! Fourth, the status of the bait in the water: Lu Asian fishing friends understand what the proposed bait should be understood, as in your hand into a live bait, What state in the water, this is to see your operation. On the one hand, the operation method of Luren figman determines the status of the bait in the water; on the other hand, it is determined by the premium itself. Different equipped baits have different operational techniques, and the ultimate is finally summed up as Lure fishing. Extivation and operation of the bait.

Five, the water layer of the road bait: A portion of the bait has his set aqueous layer, part is a full water layer, as for which aquifer is related to where the bait capacity is related to your bait Technique. Pay attention to Ahong, we will continue to talk about fishing in the next period, hoping to help the fishing friends.

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