Sea hook hook fishing method

Use the sea 竿 to like to with the hook, save trouble, hook bait, strong adaptability, can catch the fishing. But there are some obvious shortcomings. If the hook behind the fish is not the bottom, when the fishing is easy to run, there is also the use of the brain and the main line, etc., these shortcomings have a way to overcome.

How to solve the brain-wound main line

skewer brain wrap (also known as the cable), the reason is that the brain is too long. In order to improve the tension of the brain, I have used a multi-shaped nylon soft line to make my brain. As a result, the soft brain is often wrapped around the connection line, abstract. With some of the following methods, you can solve the winding of the brain.

Short, thick-hard wire When brain

If the brain of the hook is too long, not only is easy to connect, but the upper and lower hooks may also be hung, the brain is too long, the reaction It is still slow. The brain of the string hook is hard, with a thick single wire (usually used in the fishing line), the length is around 6 cm, and the hook is not in the next hook. It can be used as a brain on a thick line of 0.35 mm or more. This short, the thick brain is tall, it is not easy to hang.

fishing in the river, the brain is lengthened, and the long brain is not easy to entangle under the impact of water. The brain is long, and it will swing in the water, adapt to the habit of eating live food in the live water.

Wear \”outerwear\” to the brain

Assembly, a fine hollow plastic tube is selected, and the thickness can only pass the fishing line, first in the brain of the hook. On the brain, the brain is around 2 cm. When assembled, the brain of the set hose and the cable is tied together, and the dead buckle is buckled, and then the ends of the brain are tied to a dead buckle, so that the brain is firm and the brain is not shifted on the cable.

The hose on the brainlet is both tall and strong, and it is not easy to access the sensitivity.

Now that the fishing gear shop has a string hook of fine steel wire: the cable is a soft steel wire, and a three or four centimeter long hard steel wire can be smashed, and the brain is solved. hang. Just this metal wire schist is slightly dull, it is available for high water temperature season.

All the bottom of the hook

Using the bottom fish on the squid, the hook is not the bottom, because the hook is long, if the sea naver is high, obliquely Insert the string hook in the water, the hook behind may not fall. Using such a string to fish, the effect is not good.

The hook of the bottom of the fish is not suitable, the hook is not suitable, the single hook is 3 pieces, two pairs of (a brain line two hooks and connecting lines into a cross-shaped), and the hook is as close as possible to the pendant The entire set of strings should not exceed 40 cm. This short hook is far from being far away, and the hook will all.

There is a problem with a hook, some people think that the hook is more hook, which is beneficial to the upper fish. I thought that the hook of the fishing hook should not be too much. It can’t get the role of the plum, and then the fishing of the fish is used to use pasta. Every time I have a lot of bait, I have a lot of time. During the shore, the hooks are on the shore, reducing the time of the hook in the water to be fish, is not costly. Use a bunch of hooks to fish.

The front end of the hook has the main fall, and the weight and time-saving, and then wear a macro pendant on the main line. It is used as a pressure-connected line because it is a beef, fish Bitting fishing lines move freely, not affected. This bench mounted on the fishing line must be small, otherwise the two falls in front of each other, so that the string hook is reversed in the air, and the hook may be generated.

The other trick is to use the brain of the string to adopt a front short-resection.

After the hook is hooked into the water, it is inclined to the water bottom, the fishing line and the underwater forming a triangular angle, which may leave the water at the traction of the fishing line. The brateerability of the jet hook can be used for a front short-length method, so that the ladded hook is inlaid between this angle, and the hook can be at the bottom.

In order to solve the bottom of the strings, the angle should be considered when the Haihai should consider it, and if it does not affect the sensitivity, it should be lowered as much as possible. Especially in the high-shore, it will not be high.

The hook hook is a random player

in the season of high water temperature, the grass fish love in the middle of the water, with the sea hook to fight hook fishing It is a more ideal method. Due to the aqueous layer in the water, it can be lengthened, and the hook can be extended, the six or seven hooks are hooked, the strings are around 1.4 meters. The purpose of lengthening the hook is clear: in order to find a fish across several water layers. In the place where the water is not too deep, the hooks can be drifted on the bottom, drifting the fishing float, making the hooks inserted into the water, taking into account, floating two water layers, which is beneficial to find fish.

If the grass fish is found to float the water, you can use a floating fishing. Small drifts to forth for the fishing line, it is best to be bait with insects and grass, it itself has a buoyancy, which can make the bait float in the water, the worm, the grass does not have to change the bait, which is more convenient. This fishing in the summer and evening, the effect is very good.

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