Sea fishing classification and skills

This article was published by the senior sea fishing enthusiasts, detailing the classification and skills of the sea fishing, and raised a good help for some of the fishing friends of beginners.

The sea fish is a very general term. I thought that as long as I was fishing in the sea, I can be called the sea fish. I said that the sea fishing method is diversified, and the classification of the sea fish also has Many, for nearby fishing, my personal point is divided into two categories, one is quiet, one is to fill.

Fishing was originally a kind of enjoyment, a kind of entertainment, of course, with a happy mood, so many years have a number of different friends, gradually discovering, from moving, static division is actually very If necessary, this is related to everyone’s physical condition, the physical condition first determines every travel happiness, and make a detailed explanation here. Jing fish: The foot is ground, calling it is quiet; fishes: fishing in the rocking of Shanghai fishing.

Jingfang is divided into: 1, the anti-wave embankment; 2, reef fishing; 3, beach fishing; 4, pier fishing, etc.

Move fishing: 1, boat fishing; 2, troll; 3, row, etc.

Dynamic, riot fishing and equipment are all said.

For many people, I want to experience the fun of the sea, and I am worried about the pain of the seasickness. I choose to be a kind of enjoyment, only when you experience After the pain of the dead sexy, I know how precious things in the earth is, and it is quiet to fish, and it is the risk of avoiding the seafront.

The anti-wave embankment, reef fishing, beach fishing, pier fishing, etc., can drive, can be reached, can also be reached with speed boats, here to mention the speedboat, it is necessary to take the ship, is it? In my opinion, even if the friend who is serious, it will not be dizzy on the speedboat. As long as the speed is sufficient, you don’t need to worry about the halo, the key is to fish, these fishing points are still in the stationary state, guarantee It makes people a sense of foot.

Let’s explain in detail below.

First, the equipment and fishing method of the red wave embankment

Equipment selection:

1, the life jacket: the anti-bars are relatively safe, but the life jacket is still proposed;

2, non-slip shoes: There are several types of anti-wave embankments. Some of the anti-banks are columns with cement columns. Some anti-banks are accumulated with stones, especially the anti-wave embankment accumulated with stone. The water position is wet. Slide, there is a non-slip shoe is the best choice;

3, all kinds of sunscreen equipment such as a hat, gloves, cushion, etc. ] 4. Selection of fishing rods: The length can be selected from 3 meters to 5.3 meters, the fishing rod or far out, depending on the fishing law.

The anti-wave embankment also has a diverse, different fishing methods, you can choose different equipment, but I am just driven, quiet two aspects to describe the sea fishing. Therefore, in the fishing method, it is not particularly subdivision, choose a simple way to introduce, on the shore, reef, and anti-tread, we can use floating season fishing or traditional Shenqi fishing law, different fishing laws The choice of equipment is also different.

The wavefo fishing method and the length of the hook should be seen that the actual situation of the Bangoba, the fishing rod chooses 4.5 meters long, the length is the most suitable, you can use float fishing or traditional far-off, for novices, anti-tread Is the best exercise site.

The best choice for the anti-wave embankment, comfortable, smooth, novice ~~

Sea fishing classification and skills Second, reef fishing equipment and fishing method

Equipment selection: [123 ]

1, life jacket: This is necessary, especially at 外 reef, safety is the first!

2, non-slip shoes: fishing on the reef, non-slip shoes is also necessary, otherwise will be difficult;

3, various sunscreen and protective equipment; life jacket, non-slip shoes, gloves, Hat, sunscreen, etc., fishing rod selection: Fishing rod length is 4.5 ~ 5.3, whether it is a floating spring or far from fishing, in the reef area, it is suitable for use with a long fishing rod.

The preferred way of reef fishing is to use floating fishing, in the reef, adopting a long-protected sink fishing, the chance of hanging is much higher, because I don’t know the water The environment, it is recommended to use floating soveile fishing as a good, and the choice of 5.3 meters long is more than 4.5 meters, and the position is also close to the position of the water. Therefore, the reef fish is the most appropriate It is a 5.3 m fishing rod.

Novice wants to catch the stone fishing, it is recommended to follow the familiar old hands, step by step, careful ~~

Third, the equipment and fishing method of the beach

Equipment selection: Sea fishing classification and skills

1 The length is 3 ~ 4.5 meters away;

Fishing method choice:

Beach fish mainly uses a far-off, it is difficult to use floating noveware, Shen The bottom fish can use the traditional fishing method of the top-hook bottom, the target fish is mainly based on the sand tip of the beach. Of course, there are a lot of other fish species, and the fishing is a very special fishing. Law, very enjoyable, very exciting.

The beach fish is a kind of fishing method, the show, the fun is infinite ~~

Fourth, the dock fishing equipment and fishing method

equipment selection :

1, sunscreen equipment, on the pier fishing, the ground is relatively flat, relatively safe, the wind is also small, then the sun is the first;

Sea fishing classification and skills 2, life jacket, this time The life jacket is mainly used as vest, because it usually takes more pockets in the lifter, it is used as assembly parts;

3, fishing rod selection: fishing rod length is about 2 to 4.5 meters, here’s short huge can mainly use float fishing , Long-term use is a far-off, and the

Fishing method selection:

The pier is generally water, using a floating fishing method to understand how to control the water, of course, because the dock is built with cement Many, such an occasion, you can use the short rod, more comfortable, the more beautiful, in addition to the floating season fishing method, there is more traditional Shenqi fishing law in the terminal, the pier is relatively water The big reef is relatively small, the chance of hanging is also the bottom, such a water under environment, is quite good.

Pier fishing is quite casual, suitable for all kinds of people to participate, leisure from ~~

The position of the guardrail is more safe, entertainment is still safe as the first ~~ [123 ]

Due to the broader range, it encounters all the cases, and it is more rich in fishing methods and equipment, the most critical is On the basis of shaking, you can resist the discomfort of the halo, enjoy the fun of the sea, this is not everyone can do, and below will be described one by one. Sea fishing classification and skills

First, the equipment and fishing method choice

Sea fishing classification and skills Equipment selection:

1, life jacket; boat fishing this is necessary, entertainment in the sea, safety work must It is the first;

2, cushion and other sunscreen equipment;

3, the hookimity 2 ~ 3 meters, the raft is 1.6 ~ 2.6 meters, the boat raft 1 meter ~ 1.6 meters ~

Fishing method selection:

The method of fisher fishing is diversified, choosing to like and is suitable. Here mainly introduces near sea boat fishing.

1, hand silk fishing: use the hand wire line, fishing directly, can be vertically fishing, can also be slightly throwing;

2, 竿 fishing: Picking directly vertical , Because it is very easy to get rid of the boat side, you can use the bottom fishing group or the hook group, the bottom fish or half-water, when you start, you can enjoy the soft pull, very Stimulating;

3, boat rod fishing: the boat rose group and the fishing group of the handseller or the raft fishing group, and the handless fish is different, you can enjoy the fun after the middle fish, Different from the raft, for big fish, for some cases that are not suitable for the fish, the tacitiferous, let the fish are more freely;

4, the hookimity fish: in the ship If the nickfall, it is recommended to use the short rod, which will operate more convenient than the Sleection in the reef. Very fun gameplay.

It is necessary to have some experience in the shake boat ~~

Second, the equipment and fishing method of the towns

Turkey Equipment selection:

1, life jacket

Sea fishing classification and skills 2, sunscreen equipment

3, boat protection, hand wire

fishing method:

[123 ] The relative fishing method is simple, holding the fishing rod or fixed in the stern, while driving the fish, this fishing method, in my opinion, the experience of the ship is very important, experienced boat, will let the ship \” Driving in the fish, so that the chances of causing the fish will be high, this kind of fishing method can be touched, or you can not be fell, and you can’t stop the fishes. Come to eat, then because the fake bait of the trophy is in the bait, the center fish rate will be higher. The fishermen will be more comfortable to play with the fishermen. If you play, you will be more comfortable to play with the boat boat.

Turiishing is looking for very experienced boats, the ship is looking for \”fish road\” is very important ~~

Third, the equipment and fishing method of fishing

Division of fishing equipment:

1, life jacket;

2, sunscreen equipment; Sea fishing classification and skills

3, hand wire, raft, short rod.

The fishing and fishes are very similar and close, and the fishes are different, more stable than the boat, some friends will fainted in the boat, and they are not dizzy in the row, so this is also very Nice choice, of course, there is still a different place in the boat, the fish row is not moving, relatively stable, the fishes can change the position at any time, fishing on the fish row, want to transform position, just people walk, Instead of going away.

Due to a longer-term in a position, the row is relatively dark, it is easy to let the fish find the hidden place, so the fish row is generally relatively more than the fish, of course, if it is a typhoon large wave For a while, the fishing is relatively bad, because the big typhoon will make the fish row to displace it.

The improved business fish row, the environment and comfort is greatly improved ~~

Fishing method selection:

1, hand row

In the fish row, the fish row can use the easy operation, it can be flexed and inserted. It is generally targeted with mackerel, blind, red oil and other fierce fish species, hanging live shrimp, letting shrimps flutter in the water The purpose of being attacked by the fish; the soda fishing can use a steering lead, the bottom lead fishing method, let the bait in the end to achieve the midmia.

2, 竿 钓

Sea fishing classification and skills In the fish ranking, the use of raft rods usually uses the insertion fishing, the fishing group and hand silk fishing group can be the same, and the sink has a fish line. Slightly tightened, when there is a fish bite, watch the swing of the head.

There is no improvement fishing row, when walking, should pay attention to safety ~~

3, Tiji fish:

in fishing The effect is better than the raft fishing and hand silk, because the more the dark horns, the more the position of the fish, and the fish row is below, there will be many ropes. The highest level of floating fishing law is in the search of different water layers, and in many ropes, the difficulty is naturally increased naturally. If you have a friend, can you give a fish row? Of course, it is, just, if you stay away from fish rows, the effect is very poor, the fishing row is, the more like the row, the more the horns, the more you are. Of course, if it is half-water with floating fishing, hangs a live shrimp, it is a very good way, this way is stronger than the fisher fishing of the hand silk, and the center fish rate will be higher.

Fishing on the fish row is a relatively relaxed enjoyment, suitable for a large and small peers ~~

In fact, each fishing law has its own unique, no A fishing method is absolutely best, just personal preferences, my own feelings are in different fishing points, using different fishing laws, this is more fun, so I never resist any kind of fishing Method and fishing group, I think, as long as it is a method of fish, it is the best way to send a method, the fishing group that can get the fish is the best fishing group. Sea fishing classification and skills

The above is from the movement, and the quiet two aspects make an interpretation of the sea, which may make more friends who want to try the sea fish have a new understanding of the classification and skills of the sea fish.

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