Hai fishing skills: tilapia fishing

Common raisins have black, white, golden silk, and hips. They are almost the same, and they have more time to eat, and they are not ever eaten. They are late, they don’t dare to swallow, \u0026 quot; fisherman \u0026 quot; with a price \u0026 quot; Sileworm, shrimp \u0026 quot; fishing It is the most grabable, and I know that it is still slow to swallow. Of course, if? I have tasted, and I know that it is the best, I have no chance. Why is the fish to eat the bait to be so cautious, there are three:

1. Fish non-predatory fish, during the slow growth process, escaping the experience of recovery, and develop a surprised neuron .

2, the floating creatures and algae in the shallow sea are growing, those foods are hidden and some toxic chemical weapons, and they are not careful.

3, the fish, the small mouth of the small hole is not developed, the degeneration of the oral cavity is small, not like spot, the squat can open the big mouth, four 鳃 并 并 (前, right front and back 鳃) to escape Disaster (commonly known as wash thief). It is a mouth, the sea is pressed into the journey, affected by the \u0026 quot; 呛 \u0026 quot; difficult to resist. So they find that the food is first (test), and then (bait and water are swallowed in the mouth, staying, if the previous period, waiting for the drawing stage), if you think you can eat, you will slowly from the oral cavity The lid is discharged, and the bait is swallowed. I have doubts my life, and I will even see the water with bait, this is \u0026 quot; fisherman \u0026 quot; when waiting for the wire, no movement, take the silk, empty, empty. It is this reason. The above three points are general? Food food, but sore, still a lot of differences.

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