Summer sea fishing sand fishing

Shaos belongs to mini fish in the ocean. In the feast of the sea fishing, fishing of the worship is an appetizer. For the sea hiking who wants to \”eat the meat bowl\”, it is only enough to beatented enough, and some people will dismiss it. However, there is no movement of the sea fish for a long time is common, while Shaotu’s light bite is like a cool breeble that is extremely hot, and the spirit is oscilled, and an anxious mood can be relieved. Sharicu is thick, with garlic, making a pepper Sausson, which is a delicious. Such as with leaf fish, 加 万, Hong Kong small fish, Shi Guogong and small yellow finish, etc. Has a dishes with southern Fujian. So don’t look cold to it.

Shasso is elongated, similar to freshwater small doors. Because the body is small, it is not a wind and waves, mostly growing in the shallow sea in the near sea. These sea areas are just four or five meters deep, the water flow is gentle and the wind is avoiding the wave, and when choosing the small tide, it is more ideal. Shaot is more active in summer, and it can often be seen in the sea. In fact, it belongs to the ribbonic fish, which is not a superfish, only the insertion fish can be fishing. According to this analysis, Shaxu is more sensitive to temperature, and it is afraid of cold, and the water temperature in the sea floor is low. So it will run to the sea surface from time to time. Shaot’s preference for shrimp, and the insects also eat, so two baits can be prepared. In addition, Shaos belongs to a \”gnome fish\” that is a \”gnome fish\”, which corresponds to a \”cherry nozzle\”. According to this, the fishing gear choice should comply with the principle of two small two. Two fine tiger and fishing are fine. The L number and L lines with high sensitivity should be selected for 3 meters. The two small, the fish hook is small, the bait is small. The fish hook is between 7-9, the fishing bait is just to enable the fish hook. Turtle eating is often a group of guns, and most of them eat is shallow, and the is chaotic, sometimes showing a mess, sometimes it is slightly moved in one or two seconds, and it is said that it is not a problem for small fish, mainly The grasp of the time time. It’s early, I haven’t swallowed it. It’s late, the bait has been finished. It will feel difficult to grasp it, but people who have awareness after the email will basically master their laws, and they will be like it. Below I will give a brief introduction to the eating habits of Shasso fish:

When Shasso fish eats hook, there is often a mobilization of the horses, which is not a one. The fish of the fish, but a plurality of fish struggled to grab the food of food. Because many fish fight food, only bite the edge of the food, and the tip naturally appear irregularly. When the tip is chaotic, it can be determined that Shaot is biting. But this chaotus is still not a raising signal, because it does not swallow. The eating mouth of single Shaxu is very slight, and it is a slight nod. This nod is different from the general small yellow finish and small black finish, mainly Shaos’ strength nodding is also weak. Even after swallowing, it is difficult to show the phenomenon of fishing rods, and it is still nodded, which makes our judgment easy. In other words, when you find that the fish is noddy from time to time, it is also a feet, basically it can be judged. And if your judgment is not wrong, the fish Shaos is actually very simple. Because Shaot’s mouth is very small, the lips are very thin, it is inconvenient, as long as your hook bait is suitable for a swallowing, it has not yet run. You can observe the movement, when you nod, you can take it down when you nod.

Many people think that small fish is difficult to fish, I think, that is often disdain for small fish, and thus lacks patience. There is also your main attack, mostly used a big hook! In fact, the small fish is simple and naive, and the action of tentative hook is very small. As long as the law is mastered, it is still not difficult to fish.

Summer sea fishing sand fishing

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