Parameters and models of sea pole fishing gear wheels

Whent model specification model

Whent standards have no uniform standards, some brands are marked with two digits, some are more common with four digits, with four digits . In general, the larger numbers of the marking model, the larger the lines of the wire, but can only be compared in the same brand.

The size of the wire is determined by the diameter, capacity of the wire groove, the amount of wire, and the speed ratio, etc., rather than the size of the wire wheel. Normally, the diameter of the wire roller groove is large, the capacity is large, and the speed ratio is high, is considered a large wheel, and it is referred to as a medium-sized wheel or a small wire wheel. Some of the wires are large, but the diameter of the groove is small, the amount of capacity is small, the speed ratio is low, it seems to be large, but actually belongs to the small wire. Therefore, do not be confused by the size of the wind wheel when selecting the wire wheel, and carefully consult the linear amount of the wire wheel, the speed ratio such as the speed ratio, to confirm the actual size of the wheel.

Parameters of the Wheel Wheel

The parameters of the main wheel instructions are mainly equipped with the outer dimensions, net weight, transmission ratios, bearing numbers, wire cup capacity, and the like. The line cup capacity determines the maximum amount of wire of the wheel, and the maximum capacity is related to the largest throwing distance. The corresponding maximum capacity should be selected based on the expected throwing distance when purchasing the coil.

The rotational speed ratio

The full speed ratio of the speed ratio is a wheel speed ratio, and when the wheel rocker is rotated one week, the number of the fishing line is wound in the roll line. If the speed ratio is 5.5 specification, the roll is rotated when the hand is rotated, the five-circle fish line is retracted. Therefore, the speed ratio of the speed ratio is the speed of the speed than the speed of the speed, and the roll slot is larger than the diameter is small than the diameter. The speed ratio of the wheel is usually indicated on the winding disk of the wheel.

The speed ratio is one of the important technical indicators of the wheel. The speed ratio is large, the speed is fast, and the control is strong in the middle of the fish. The speed ratio is small, the cable speed is very slow, and the control ability after the middle fish is weak. The speed of the speed is larger, and the fishing geostators in natural conditions is not necessarily completely displayed, but if the waterstock is complex fishing gear or when fishing, the power of the high speed ratio is often displayed. Evergailing role. Therefore, fishing friends are in natural waters such as the fishing lake, taking into account the complexity of the wild fishing environment and the object fish of the fish, should choose the wire capacity and high speed ratio.

The number of bearing numbers

The amount of the wire of the wire is achieved by rotational movement of the wheel. In order to ensure the smooth transportation of the coordination, at least one bearing is required in the wheel. Using a bearing in the wheel, it is advantageous to ensure the normal operation of the transmission portion, reduce the friction coefficient of the spindle, eliminate mechanical transmission noise. That is to say, the structure of the wheel needs to have a bearing, but the number of bearing is not bad with the performance of the wire wheel. Whether the wheel is easy to use, the key is the structural design of the wheel, the transmission system material is selected, the bearing quality, not the number of bearing. Some well-known brands classic single bearing rings can also be very smooth, because the materials are solid, simple, and convenient maintenance.

There is often a good argument in the fishing friends, the better the routine, and some people think that the quality of the wire wheel is completely dependent on the number of bearing, which is actually wrong. There are a lot of wire manufacturers, deliberately marking 4-10 bearings on the production of the row, is to cater to the fishing friends. The wire wheel of the crankshaft transmission is the main body, and there is virtually no need to be too much bearings, and the bearing is used only on the throwing nut, the main gear rocker arm and the counter switch. That is to say that there are four bearings in a wire wheel. The more bearing is not, the better, too much, it is easy to bring trouble. The more the bearing, the more weigh the wheel, and once the bearing is turned once. The wheel is used for fishing, and the water is \”intended\”, if the bearing is inadvertent, it is easy to rust during use. Once the bearing rust will affect the normal use and overall performance of the wheel.

Former drag and post drag

Each wheel is designed with a drag device, which is used to resolve the impact of the fish, and consume the body’s strength of the fish to increase the hook line. Avoid disconnect runfish and increase fishing. The traction device of the spinning wheel pulley is divided into two types of front drag and post-draft. The drag adjustment button of the front drag wire wheel is above the wheel, the drag adjustment button of the back force is below the tail of the wire wheel, and the structure of the front drag design is simple, the cost is low, and the price is naturally inexpensive. The structure of the back force design is slightly more complicated, and the price is slightly higher. Whether it is the former drag or after drag, the effect of the draft is the same. The convenience of use is slightly different, mainly after the traction is more convenient than the front drag line. So, choose front drag or after

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