The sea fishing is risky and caught and cherishes Shenzhen sea fishing boat.

Shenzhen Business News (Reporter Xi Bing) At 2:30 in the morning of November 3, a total tonnage is 100 tons of \”Seal 3\” Shenzhen Wood The fishing boat is in the middle of the 36-nautical mile from Hainan Qingchidang. There are 16 people on the ship. There is only one from Shenzhen tourists – Zhang Jiandong, but yesterday has died. The reporter learned from the Shenzhen Cultural and Sports Tourism Bureau last night that there is no travel agency report to have a Shenzhen team tourist in this accident.

According to it, it is understood that the dangerous wood fishing boat starts from Qingguang to the accident sea area at 9 o’clock on October 31st, and 10 o’clock on November 2nd, and the cabin causing a danger in the return of the cabin on the way. As of yesterday, the South China Sea Rescue Bureau, the South China Sea Rescue First Flying Company, Hainan Provincial Ocean and Fisheries Department, Sea Police, Qingzhu Maritime Search Social and other departments are still fully searching for disappearance.

Due to the sudden cabin fire, crew and tourists have abandoned the ship. After the accident, the \”Songd Davia\” passenger ship happened in the implementation of Hong Kong – Sanya’s navigation, and the sea area was happened to rescue the shipwreck. According to reports, those who participated in the sea fishing were through friends, and they were a spontaneous group trip, and did not have a regular travel agency.

\”This accident, whether it is giving the boat or the sea fishing, all got a warning role.\” 40 years old Shenzhen, the Shenzhen Ashes Hai Fisherman Yang Jun, I said the thief reporter . The accident he said refers to the \”Seal 3\” \”Seal 3\” in the early 36 nautical miles from Hainan Qingchidang, November 3. As of the reporter’s published, 16 people on the ship were introduced to the sea fishing enthusiasts participated in the sea. At present, there were 11 people to save, 2 people were killed, 3 people were lost, and the sea search and rescue work continued. Among them, Zhang Jiandong, which participated in the sea fishing, was the only Shenzhen people on board. According to the Yang Army, in Shenzhen, the local sea fishing website registered with netizens more than 20,000 people, and there were thousands of fever-grade fishing friends who were out of the sea. But even in this, this project with golf, equestrian and tennis is a four major aristocratic movement, or is fresh as a common concern – if it is not because of the sudden difference.

This small series reminds the majority of sea fishing enthusiasts, the sea fish is risks and cherishes

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