Fishing friends sharing the combat skills of sea fishing matsu (below)

relative to fishing in black pits and reservoirs, sea fishing is a kind of fishing method, because no one knows what weird in the sea. In the author’s article \”Fishing friends shared the Punch of the Shunfish\” (on) \”in the actual skills (on)\” of the sea, the \”spot\” fishing method unique to the lashan is preliminarily introduced. Today, the author will continue to introduce the relevant content, I hope everyone likes! First, in this kind of fishing method, the fishing friends should prepare the bait neck in advance. Fishing friends must first prepare more extra baits, the powder bait is preferably red after stirring, because the wosdy is very interested in red, which can improve the fishing of the gyl fish. Fishing friends who like road subcales are estimated to understand this. During fishing, Apo or cotton line is biting, because they are red. In the nest, the fishing friends need to add some Antarctic shrimps, chicken liver or broken shrimps in the nest, then smash them, so that the nest will be more induction in the sea fishing.

Fishing friends sharing the combat skills of sea fishing matsu (below) When adding \”season\” to the nest, the chicken liver, the less fresh, the better. After stirring with bait, fishing friends do not use the bait to be thrown, this bait will lure the shuttle fish to the middle and upper waters, which is not conducive to the fishing friends to \”spot\”. Fishing friends can directly use their hands into the bait group of fists, then put them into a fishing point. The set of baits in the concentration can form a fishwell in the water, doing so, the bait is not easy to be rushing away by water, but will bring big fish. The big proportion of the bait will be concentrated at the bottom of the fishing point, and when the fishing friends can be fond.

Fishing friends sharing the combat skills of sea fishing matsu (below) Second, operational techniques, in the article, the lead pendant used by the sea fishing should be based on the water flow and water depth and the specific fish love, after the collections, fishing Friends should put the fishing group vertically in the fishing point, then move the fishing rod induction fish properly. The moving of fishing friends is small, and the upper and lower amplitudes of the nihi fishing ripple should be controlled around 20 cm. In fact, it is mainly in the main way, and the fishing rod induction is mainly to make the fishing friends feel a little fish. During the sea fishing, as long as the fishing friends have a fish on the fish, the fishing friends can raise a fish. If the fishing friends are fortunate to meet the fish, use this method for fishing, the fishing friends are waiting for the fish!

When the bait is fishing, the author recommends that the fishing friends will use green silkworm as a fishing bait. Green silkworms don’t need fresh, not fresh, but will be more induced. In this fishing mode, the hook of green silkworm is different from the past, because the fish hook is large, the broth is best not to show the shape after hanging, and it is the best state of the fish hook. . Fishing friends can not meet the ideal catch. Fourth, choose fishing buns to choose the shore’s steep cliff water activity, especially in the water flow. Therefore, the fishing friends need this factor when choosing the fishing position. Before the fishing of the fishing position, observe the projections of the cliff wall, the water flow will be formed in the back of the road, and the underwater is generally large reefs, and the fishing friends must pay attention to safety. In flat or slopes, when the fishing friends are fishing, it is best to find the terrain of the groove underwater, or the intersection of the deep shallow water, the mature is generally hidden in these grooves. Fishing friends in the dock fishing can choose from the corner of the boom. So far, the skills of \”point\” fishing law will be introduced to you, I hope these content can help the majority of fishing friends in the sea fish, thank you for watching!

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