Sea fishing and niching fishing correct throwing skills analysis

out to sea for fishing is fishing a lot of people dream of things that people have the opportunity to fish in the sea, the fishing is worth a good time to enjoy the trip. In numerous fishing experience, I found that some anglers always wrong when throwing pole, thus causing decoupling if the fish run, pity. For this reason, I compiled some throwing pole tips, hope to help you.

Sea fishing and niching fishing correct throwing skills analysis

a common error approach

compared to the large surface of the water, ponds and other small water suitable for Taiwan fishing rod to toss will be easier. Fishing faithful wild fish waters if the area is small, in most cases can be a good place to hook with the bait you want to reach, but when fishing, fishermen here need to do to use the power of the body were . Anglers must first straighten his body, arm strength and coordination with the wrist of the bait to the fishing spots. If the body does not straighten out, anglers or bait bait nest material is likely not throw into dens, fish will not come together, anglers catch will not be very good.

Because each situation is different, so the effort is not the same, so that most people have their own throw rod efforts. Some anglers force is relatively large, sea-pole throw, when there will be stagnation action. Rich fishing anglers actions are very elegant experience, every time they throw pole fishing is a painting. Anglers do not worry, because this is the intensity of exercise, anglers slowly correct their mistakes in practice many times, we must also learn to take into account the entire fishing group. Anxious to throw pole anglers, too, we have to take into account the factors that lead sinkers activities. If the top of the pole reserve sea fishing line a long time or Tougan windy, which will increase the difficulty of throwing pole, anglers should take into account these factors.

Sea fishing and niching fishing correct throwing skills analysis

There are many Tougan fishing methods, most are more difficult to learn, which \”split vote under the law\” is the most suitable for novice. When using this method Tougan, the body is on the fishing spots, feet shoulder width apart, stand, hands clenched rod needs to handle, just above held in the head, hands, eyes, body with sea after all the positive pole of the target, then the use of chopping motion, from top to bottom fishing rod, fishing rod and other presents forty-five degrees angle with the surface of the water, put the start line. In carrying out the entire process of action, anglers do not hesitate, if there is a pause, to start again, to harvest, anglers not too troublesome.

Sea fishing and niching fishing correct throwing skills analysis

Second, the cast rod tips

In addition to the basic posture and above about the method, in an actual fishing faithful as fishing, it is also possible use the following tips to increase small parabolic pole dumped success rate, the same can help anglers gain a lot of fish. Tougan best fishing faithful to leave a relatively large spatial distance, so that, if mistakes, fishing faithful can also be re-adjusted. When the bait with hooks flew above the dens, fishing fans can be pushed to the pressure line again gently press a finger in a fishing line fishing line wheel. This process should pay attention to technique, lighter to heavier proceed slowly, do not brake directly to death, or make food spread, and even hurt your fingers.

fishing, we will encounter a variety of fish, and bite after struggling most efforts are great. Faced with this situation, fishing faithful need to choose longer, stiffer the pole. Of course, we also need a reasonable mix of fishing tackle, this can reduce the decoupling run fish phenomenon. Fishing fans can also make their own fishing habits with, does not go smoothly than the fish on the high rate of handy fishing group.

This article focuses on the basic Tougan fishing for common sense. The basic content is to introduce here, we also need to pay more in practice as in fishing practices and exercises. Thank you all for watching and wish you catch a lot of fish during the winter, travel times and have burst care!

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