Why is it not recommended to go wild fishing for crucian carp? You will understand after reading it

Wild fishing, most fishermen will choose bottom fishing in most cases. Can floating fishing work? Of course it is OK. It is better to fish floating than bottom fishing when fishing certain fish species, such as silver carp, bighead carp, white strips and other fish species that are active in the upper or middle and upper waters.

Crucian carp is the most common and most abundant fish species in natural waters. Everyone usually catches a lot of fish. Then a fisherman asked: Can wild crucian carp be float-fished? If I say no, then there must be a lot of fishermen spit out, and then take out some of their own experience to refute me.

Wild fishing is mostly based on entertainment.

Wild fishing is mostly based on entertainment. Since it is entertainment, there is no specific standard, and there is no “can”, so of course crucian carp can also be floated. But I often say one thing when writing articles. It does not mean that it is easy to use. Wild crucian carp can be fished, but it does not mean that it can be fished well.

Why did you talk about floating fishing crucian carp?
The usual practice is bottom fishing, and everyone will definitely focus on bottom fishing when going out, so why do you think of floating fishing? There are only two situations. The first is that there is no fish in the bottom fishing. I don’t know why, so I tried all the methods that I can try, including floating fishing. The second is the sweltering weather. When you find fish floating and even see them floating on the surface of the water, everyone takes it for granted that if the fish is floating, I can catch it by fishing.

Many fishing authors also agree with this point of view, thinking that as long as the fish is out of the bottom, they can be floated, and a few even suggest that you go to fly lead. Maybe it’s because my skills are not good, maybe because I have too little knowledge. Anyway, when the weather is sultry and the fish are floating on the water, I haven’t fished well!

There are many reasons why fish go off the bottom. I just think that if it floats up due to the sultry weather and lack of oxygen, then it is useless to fish because it is uncomfortable at this time, even if you throw the bait into its mouth, you will not see it. It has to be able to eat, not to mention fishing float is not the same as sending bait to its mouth!

Why is it not recommended to fish for wild crucian carp?
The first reason is the above. If the fish floats due to lack of oxygen, then its body is uncomfortable at this time, and it will not eat at the bottom or will not eat while fishing!

The second reason is that most people usually don’t set target fish when they go out wild fishing, and they are used to what to fish for, and even deliberately choose a more broad-spectrum bait. If you fish at the bottom, even if you don’t eat crucian carp, you can still catch carp, carp, spine, catfish and other fish. If you float these fish, it will be more difficult to catch.

Some fishing friends may say that although fishing floats will lose some bottom fish, you can also harvest some pelagic fish. For example, fishing floats can catch silver carp, grass carp, flatfish, etc. In fact, grass carp and flatfish are not only active in the upper middle layer. If they enter the nest, you can also catch them on the bottom, and the bottom fishing effect may not be bad. As for silver carp and bighead carp, how many silver carp and bighead have you encountered in wild fishing? Even if you specialize in silver carp and bighead bait, you may not be able to catch it.

In the actual wild fishing, if you use fishing floats, you will not be able to catch crucian carp, but you will definitely be killed by miscellaneous fish. If you are in the river, there are many places where the water is used, so that fishing floats will be even more annoying. The floats will keep moving, and you must cast your rods frequently. The fish will be exhausted before catching people.

The way of eating wild crucian carp determines that bottom fishing is better than floating fishing
Farmed fish have the habit of raising their heads to catch bait, so they are fine for fishing. However, wild crucian carp often eats bait head-down and tail-up. If you don’t believe it, you can look for some underwater evaluation videos. This way of feeding wild crucian carp, therefore, determines that bottom fishing is better than floating fishing.

There are two more points worth mentioning here. The first point is wild fishing for crucian carp. Even if you are bottom fishing, it is not recommended to adjust the mesh number too high when adjusting the drift. Unless it is a very large crucian carp, it is generally recommended to adjust the size of the small and medium-sized crucian carp below five eyes and catch the second and third eyes. The purpose of this is to be able to make the two bait to the bottom, not only me, many masters such as Teacher Hua also said in the video, fishing wild crucian carp is better to let the bait stick to the bottom, one hook bottomed out and the other hook hangs. It’s not appropriate.

The second point is that although farmed fish have the habit of catching bait from the bottom, they can use the method of fishing floats, but the actual fishing is mostly bottom fishing, especially if the fee is not high and the fish density is not high, it must be first. The bottom fishing is used. Even if the fish situation is very good, a large number of fish have gathered in the nest, and they have begun to grab food from the bottom. At this time, we are at most the fishing trip, and we rarely change directly to fishing.

When can I consider fishing floats
The first is when the crucian carp is small and dense. The smaller the size of the crucian carp, the easier it is to pile up and float, because they are greedy, and your bait is a little better when it is atomized. I have fished in sand pits, wild ponds, and abandoned fish ponds. There are a lot of Mahjong and crucian carp in them. At this time, I might just float up.

The second is when the bottom is not clean and easy to hang on the bottom. I wrote an article on this point two days ago. The natural water environment is complicated. For example, we often encounter aquatic plants in the bottom, and fishing for crucian carp is just looking for aquatic plants. If you don’t have tools and can’t clean the bottom of the water, and you can’t catch the fish at the bottom of a normal fishing, then you can float. Generally, you’re fishing off the bottom. The higher the grass, the more you get off the bottom. high.

The third is fishing for black pits, when the fish density is particularly high and the activity is particularly good. Most people don’t think about this kind of fish love. Now the price of crucian carp is so high that many fishing grounds don’t stock crucian carp. Even if the quantity is not large, it is difficult to meet the requirements of floating. But since I mentioned it, let’s just talk about it. If the fish density is high and the opening is good, we can catch the float quickly and make the fish gather more and more.

However, the “fishing float” mentioned here is not a fixed-layer fishing, but a dynamic fishing float, such as an empty hook and half-water leveling, and then fishing 30 cm from the bottom. In this case, if you pull the bait and hook the bait Once in place, the float will be completely submerged in the water, forcing you to change bait. This kind of fishing method belongs to the offensive fishing method, the rhythm is very fast, and the technical requirements for both the fish situation and the angler are very high.

Concluding remarks
It’s not that you can’t catch crucian carp by floating fishing, but bottom fishing is better than floating fishing in most cases. If you can’t catch fish from bottom fishing, there will be no obvious improvement after changing to floating fishing. You can try it next time.

If you can’t catch crucian carp in the middle of natural waters, there are basically two situations. The first is that there is no fish near the nest. The second situation is that there are fish but not eaten. In my experience, the first option is more likely, so you have to change fishing positions, or find a way to lure the fish into the nest, so that the fishing situation can be improved.

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